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"Pure Study Abroad truly lived up to its tagline of 'no frills, just adventure' and far exceeded my expectations for the language immersion and adventure components. Because there really are no frills to this program, the schedule is largely open and simple. The schedule focuses on the intensive language immersion classes but also allows students to practice the language as they explore the area and culture. I found this structure to be the perfect balance of academics and adventure."

katy, UNIVERSITY of florida

"With Pure Study Abroad, I was expecting to continue the kind of learning I experienced daily at my University, sitting in a classroom and worrying over homework ... but it actually meant exploring with locals; immersing myself in their time and traditions; and having only a few, compact classes to support our travel endeavors as a team. I loved the community we built with one another, as well. These students and travels will always be something worth looking back on!"

Christian, hillsdale college

“Pure Study Abroad allowed me to learn Spanish with an excellent teacher and spend the rest of my free time exploring the island and practicing the language. The quality language instruction alongside new friends and the flexibility to experience the island at my own pace gave me a truly incredible, personalized experience.”


"Pure Study Abroad was even better than I expected. 'No frills, just adventure' isn’t just a motto, it’s a reality. We had so much free time outside of Spanish class to explore the Canary Islands and the experience made the trip so much more authentic and amazing."

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